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[Skia] Add runtime detection of NEON support


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We should modify skia so that we can compile with NEON enabled, but still run on devices that don't support it.

There is an existing (badly rotted) patch at:

Anyone know enough NEON to attempt getting this working again?
It appears that our existing code for doing this on android-ish is .  It would be cool if skia had a hook we could use to implemen NEON detection with our existing arm.h code, but something tells me that might not be a popular option upstream.
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We can't quite do mandatory because we run on some devices that don't support NEON, but James has the details.
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We need to check with the Skia guys to figure out what's best here. I don't know how the optional neon bits work there.
George, can you contact Skia people and ask them about this?
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Upstream should have resolved this issue by now, but I will double check with them. Leaving the needinfo open for me as I don't want to address this until we've updated our Skia revision.
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I'm going to look at this now as it shouldn't take too long, and we've finally updated our skia rev. r- mainly because we modify now instead of
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The fonthost hunks in the change to are due to regenerating after I created this patch:

The rest should be fairly self explanatory.
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I think -mfpu=neon allows the compiler to use neon instructions whenever it wants, which is bad (since we run on devices without neon). I am not sure, though.
No, it's correct, because those files are only ever used if Skia detects NEON is available at runtime.
Looks like armv6 is busted, otherwise I guess I'm ok with this.
Yep, looks like I just need to add the neon files in:


And it'll all work fine. Just doing a local build test now.
Use BUILD_ARM_NEON to protect the NEON files.
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Relevant upstream bug: (so the patch won't need to be held locally)
I don't think the crashes are related to this patch. snorp, can you give a second opinion?
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(In reply to George Wright (:gw280) from comment #21)
> I don't think the crashes are related to this patch. snorp, can you give a
> second opinion?

Yeah, doesn't look likely to me.
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