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Add Tracking to 3.6 Upgrade Billboard


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Need to add tracking of upgrade billboards for the following URLs: for all locales.  

Do you need me to add them separately, or will adding tracking to this URL allow for us to see it by locale in Webtrends?
Assignee: brad.gross → lforrest
1. On each link going to our website add the following campaign tracking parameters. This will enable us to see how many downloads we get from the billboard and the data will flow into the "Campaign Conversion" report within the "Product Pages" profile within Webtrends:

2. To add the default Webtrends tracking please add the following onto the source code of each URL in question. This is the code we use to track the pages generated from within the product; it samples at a 5% rate and the info will flow into the "Product Pages" profile within Webtrends:

<script type="text/javascript">
var _tag=new WebTrends({"dcsid":"dcst2y3n900000gohmphe66rf_3o6x","rate":5,"fpcdom":""});
Assignee: lforrest → akeybl
Blocks: 718089
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Closed: 11 years ago
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It's kind of odd having the link in the billboard. That will take users to a page where they have to save a download and then find and run it, whereas if they just kept going with the wizard the update will happen automatically for them.
Agreed, we're updating the billboard for the next push now with new messaging and removing that link in 718090.
Component: Webtrends → Web Analytics
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