[research] examine elastic search connection usage

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tmary says something on ci.mozilla.org is leaking connections to ES and that's one of the reasons it's falling over.

This bug is to examine our test and non-test code to see if Kitsune is leaking connections--either they're not getting closed or not getting cleaned up or something along those lines.

tmary says he's using netstat to determine whether there are open connections--they'd be in an EST state.

I think this should be a blocker for elastic search in production, so I'm sticking it in the next sprint.
I did the work in sprint 2012.1.

The gist of it is this:

pyes has an es module with an ES class in it. That class creates a connection, but has not methods for closing it. It's using urllib3 under the hood and the connection moves around a lot.

Our current thinking is that SUMO is probably fine ES connection-wise. We're not keeping connections around (other than the thread-local ones). We're not doing anything fancy with connections, either.

Given that, I'm going to mark this as resolved.
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Oh, and making this a 1 pointer. I didn't spend a ton of time on it.
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