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6 years ago
* Change navigation dialogs to toggles
* Add BrowserID button with javascript
* Cookiefy the "About MDN" box


6 years ago
Assignee: nobody → craigcook.bugz

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6 years ago
Are we also adding browserid with javascript now? And wrapping the "About MDN" box in a cookie?

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6 years ago
(In reply to Luke Crouch [:groovecoder] from comment #2)
> Are we also adding browserid with javascript now?

Not yet. I started to work on it in Deki but soon realized it could make l10n more difficult because all the text in the info box would be in the JavaScript and not in the page. So I'm happy to leave it as-is for now (hidden in CSS by default and made visible by JS) at least for as long as we have the info box. 

Once the box is gone we'll still have to think about localizing the "Sign in" and "Sign out" labels in JS, but at least that's just a short label, not a whole blob of text. Or if there's an easy way of making a block of text localizable in some other spot that we can then grab and pull into the page with JS... not sure how to do that in the Deki skin without just having some hidden block in the HTML, which puts us right back where we are anyway... so yeah, I say we punt it.

> And wrapping the "About
> MDN" box in a cookie?

I thought you were going to do that? I haven't even looked into it, but I can. It would be nice if we could add another value to one of the cookies we're setting already instead of adding a whole new cookie just for "HomeIntroBoxDismissed=true" or whatever we call it. I can work on that today if you like, but I'll probably need your advice (you know the cookies better than I do).

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6 years ago
Alright, I'm going to bump this bug into 2.2 to cover those two things as well. There's a django javascript i18n view we can use to localize strings in javascript. And we can refactor the "browserid_explained" cookie into a "dialogs" cookie to control all dialogs.
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6 years ago
This bug is just for the navigation dialogs. Filing other bugs for the other 2 points.
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