sutagent 'exec' waits for 'am instrument...' command to finish instead of letting it run in the background

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In order to run robotium, we need to run 'am instrument <params>'.  When running this via sutagent exec, we block on the call.  Normally for exec, we don't block on org.mozilla.fennec or similar commands.

We can work around this in the devicemanager and python harness code, but it would be nice to fix this in sutagent.

For example, here is code that makes it work by hacking the harnesses:
--- a/build/mobile/	Thu Jan 12 15:34:16 2012 -0500
+++ b/build/mobile/	Thu Jan 12 15:34:36 2012 -0500
@@ -156,7 +156,10 @@
             self.stdoutlen = 0
             self.proc = dm.launchProcess(cmd, stdout, cwd, env, True)
             if (self.proc is None):
-              raise Exception("unable to launch process")
+              if cmd[0] == 'am':
+                self.proc = stdout
+              else:
+                raise Exception("unable to launch process")
             exepath = cmd[0]
             name = exepath.split('/')[-1]
             self.procName = name
Patch to do my little hack mentioned in my comments.  In discussing on IRC with :gbrown, there are similar issues while running xpcshell tests via SUT agent and it would be nice to solve this in a bigger picture.

For the sake of getting things going, this patch will allow us to run end to end on SUT agent once it is landed.  A better solution in the near term is to resolve the launching (probably a change to SUTAgent) and work on rolling out an update to the tegras when we get a chance.
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allow 'am' commands to execute and wait (1.0)

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Seems harmless!
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Thanks Geoff, we will land this today and work on defining a better solution.
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