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[10.7] HTML5 video displays main menu in full-screen (depends on toolbar hiding preference)


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When you have disabled toolbar hiding in fullscreen mode, this specific Flash video doesn't get played in fullscreen. Instead the toolbars are still visible.

1. Start with a fresh profile
2. Set 'browser.fullscreen.autohide' to false
3. Open
4. Click on the Flash movie fullscreen button

With step 4 I expect to see the video in Fullscreen. Instead the browsers toolbars are still visible. That seems to only happen on 10.7. I can't reproduce it on older versions of OS X.
Are you sure that this particular video is using Flash? I've run into a similar issue with full-screen HTML5 video (using the DOM full-screen API), but not with Flash.
You are right. This is the problem for this particular video. Thanks for mentioning that. Moving the the right component.
Component: Flash (Adobe) → Video/Audio
Product: Plugins → Core
QA Contact: adobe-flash →
Summary: [10.7] Flash video doesn't display in full-screen (depends on toolbar hiding preference) → [10.7] HTML5 video displays main menu in full-screen (depends on toolbar hiding preference)
Version: 11.x → unspecified
So, if the user disables toolbar hiding in fullscreen mode, you think toolbars should still hide when they enter fullscreen mode? INVALID?
The two use-cases are quite different. Ideally, a user shouldn't be forced to choose between usable full-screen browsing and usable full-screen video. As it stands, this situation is a "regression" from Flash video, where it is easily possible to have both.

Actually, I would be surprised if the present behaviour were deliberate. I had assumed that it was just a side-effect of re-using the regular full-screen code for the DOM full-screen API, without taking into account the effect of the 'browser.fullscreen.autohide' preference.
Component: Audio/Video → Audio/Video: Playback
Our HTML5 fullscreen code is separate from the Fx UI fullscreen code now.
Closed: 8 years ago
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