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Bug 618353 reduced the space to the right of the Window controls


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Attached image border 1px smaller
with the patch of Bug 618353, the window border is 1px smaller than that of a native windows so a good compromise to make the problem less visible would be to increase the window border of 1px in Bug 618353
We don't control the positioning of these controls. :/
Closed: 11 years ago
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In Thunderbird, where the titlebar is NOT being drawn into, the buttons have the same distance from the edge of the window as other programs, say Widows Explorer.  

But, in Firefox, where drawing in the titlebar IS done, the buttons have little space from the edge of the window.  It looks really odd.

In fairness, the Firefox buttons have at least one extra pixel of space than how Chrome does it.  :D

Is there no way to add a little margin or padding to the caption buttons to push it more into "where they belong"?
On DWM (glass) desktops, unless we want to remove the default caption buttons and draw something custom (like Chrome) the positioning is handled by Windows. It would be easier to move the Fx button so that it matches I would think.
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(In reply to Jim Mathies [:jimm] from comment #2)
> We don't control the positioning of these controls. :/

Looks like dpJudas has found the cause of the 1px offset: :
> Speaking of evidence, I just managed to get my test application to misbehave
> in the same way as Firefox is doing. If my test program adjusts the client
> rect as part of the WM_NCCALCSIZE(wParam=false) I get the same bug. Seems
> toying around with this value causes the DWM window frame to offset buttons
> incorrectly in a weird way.
Summary: Bug 618353 reduce the space to the right of the Window controls → Bug 618353 reduced the space to the right of the Window controls
Duplicate of this bug: 1002928
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