renameAttachment.label/accesskey in messengercompose.dtd are defined twice



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With Bug 526998 fixed there are two occurences of renameAttachment.label/accesskey in

In :
<!ENTITY renameAttachment.label "Rename Attachment…">
<!ENTITY renameAttachment.accesskey "e"> :
<!ENTITY renameAttachment.label "Rename…">
<!ENTITY renameAttachment.accesskey "R">

I suppose, one of them should be removed or renamed. I don't know which one will be shown in interface.
Alexander, thank you. Both labels are needed for the UI, but we need to rename the first one.

Current labels (after bug 526998), because of this bug:

Edit Menu: Rename Attachment... (renameAttachment.label)
Attachment Context Menu: Rename Attachment... (renameAttachment.label)

Expected labels:

Edit Menu: Rename Attachment... (renameAttachment*Cmd*.label)
Attachment Context Menu: Rename... (renameAttachment.label)


- on the context menu, we don't usually mention the context in the label unless it's needed for disambiguation (which is why we have "Open" and "Select All", but "Remove Attachment", although I don't really see the ambiguity here)
- on the context menu, shorter labels = less clutter, easier to parse visually
--> on context menu, the label text should be just "Rename..."

- on Edit Menu, we need the full context in the label because it's not obvious:
--> "Rename Attachment..."
--> Proposed label name: renameAttachmentCmd.label
- the name should contain "Cmd", like all other labels in this corner (this bug)

Proposed Fix:

Change the "Rename Attachment..." label name for *Edit Menu* to be renameAttachment*Cmd* instead of renameAttachment:

<!ENTITY renameAttachmentCmd.label "Rename Attachment…">
<menuitem id="menu_RenameAttachment" label="&renameAttachmentCmd.label;"

While we are here, we should also add a comment for attachment pane context menu:
<!-- Attachment Pane Context Menu -->
<!ENTITY openAttachment.label "Open">
Keywords: regression
Fixed by bug 526998.
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
Keywords: regression
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Whiteboard: [fixed by bug 526998]
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