MCS needs access to the DNS editing of the child-domains



8 years ago
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(Reporter: Debloper, Assigned: arzhel)





8 years ago
We (MCS) got the (710487), yay!

Now, to use this domain (and future community-domains) on the provided hosting, we need to edit/update it's DNS resource-records as required.

Presently MCS has no control over those domains, and can not forward them to desired hosting. Please resolve.
Do you have nameservers for this? Or do you want us to manage DNS?

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7 years ago
(In reply to Shyam Mani [:fox2mike] from comment #1)
> Do you have nameservers for this? Or do you want us to manage DNS?

For now, & are the NS we have - from the VPS that we're using temporarily to try-things-out. But, I'd actually look forward to a (more permanent) management policy, so that either:
1. IT is able to configure the settings as required, on demand by MCS.
2. Or, MCS manages the settings as required (if that's OK by IT).
3. Or, MCS and IT both are able to configure the settings as required.

Going by :XioNoX's timeline, this week we're going to have the dedicated server for MCS sites. It'll be best just to migrate the DNS also, along with it.
Let's go with 1. XioNoX and a bunch of others can do this pretty easily.

What's the IP you want the domain to point to?

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7 years ago
this is in standby as long as we don't have the server.

Then we will need Shyam to change the root servers info of this domain to point to the Plesk server so both community and mozilla sysadmins will be able to manage it.
Depends on: 712908


7 years ago
Whiteboard: [waiting for information]

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7 years ago
Okay, could you switch to use:
as nameservers.

Whiteboard: [waiting for information]
(In reply to Arzhel Younsi [:XioNoX] from comment #5)
> Okay, could you switch to use:
> as nameservers.

Done.  This will take effect on the root nameservers within 15 minutes, however there is a 12 hour TTL on root nameserver records, so it could be up to 24 hours for anyone who already has it cached to pick up the new servers.
Done??  reopen if not.
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