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Rename "Reload Remote Calendar" to "Synchronize Calendars"


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With tabs on top we now have a "Synchronzize" toolbar button. Since the reload remote calendars button really just does a reload of everything, I think we should put these in line.

This should be seen as part of the tabs on top patch, I will likely land this on aurora too.
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I've taken the liberty to also include a change for to ignore sunbird strings, since there was also a reload remote calendars string in there.
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If "the reload remote calendars button really just does a reload of everything" as you said than "Reload" is a way better name than "Synchronize" and should stay.
Since we already have an icon for synchronize I'd like to avoid renaming it to reload now. Although you will rightfully say that we haven't done this yet, the goal is to move towards a fast and stable enough storage provider so that the cache can be default, which would make synchronize correct again.
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Fix - v1

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Looks good. I haven't checked if works but trust your skills ;)

-<!ENTITY calendar.reloadserver.label                       "Reload Remote Calendars">
-<!ENTITY calendar.reloadserver.key                         "R">
-<!ENTITY calendar.reloadserver.accesskey                   "R">
+<!ENTITY calendar.synccalendars.label                       "Synchronize Calendars">
+<!ENTITY calendar.synccalendars.key                         "R">
+<!ENTITY calendar.synccalendars.accesskey                   "S">

This three strings have a space too much so they are not well aligned.

r+ with this nit fixed.
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(In reply to Philipp Kewisch [:Fallen] from comment #5)
> comm-central changeset 120cf812400a
> releases/comm-aurora changeset e8df1f3d2202

Can this bug report be marked reolved?
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Yes, looks like I just forgot to close it :)
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