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The Gecko Profiler add-on needs to be able to symbolicate for Linux


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This work needs some help from someone who knows JS and ideally knows a bit about implementing Jetpack based add-ons.  I can help with ideas about how to implement the Windows symbolication, and I believe Benoit can do the same about Linux.
See for how we're currently doing it for jsctypes.

I think the problem with Linux is that we strip them.
Linux supports external symbols(not as nicely as windows), but it's possible.
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We already have a solution for windows under another bug so morphing this to be linux only.
Summary: The Gecko Profiler add-on needs to be able to symbolicate for Windows and Linux → The Gecko Profiler add-on needs to be able to symbolicate for Linux
Ted currently we don't have the symbols in the profiling nightly on linux. Is it possible to ship them in profiling enable builds? We don't need debug info or line information we just need symbols for internal functions.
We discussed this on IRC, here's a quick cut and paste of relevant bits:
ted2: our build system has a STRIP_FLAGS variable it uses while stripping
ted2: it looks like it's a little...broken though, since you can't currently specify it in a mozconfig
glandium: there are options to strip to selectively delete things.
glandium: BenWa: i think strip -d will do what you want
glandium: BenWa: if STRIP_FLAGS doesn't work, setting STRIP="strip -d" may work
ted2: we should fix STRIP_FLAGS
ted2: (you have to make package STRIP_FLAGS=...)
BenWa: If STRIP_FLAGS doesn't work I'll submit a patch in that bug 
ted2: it just needs 1) an AC_SUBST(STRIP_FLAGS) in, and b) a STRIP_FLAGS line in config/
Alright so doing STRIP_FLAGS="--strip-debug" on linux does the following: keeps our 250k symbols (nm | wc -l). Increases the .gz from 22MB to 25MB, increase the decompressed from 49MB to 69MB.

So we want to do it at a minimum in nightly-profiling. Do we want to do it under any other settings? All other nightlies?
Given that it's such a tiny change in package size, I have no opposition to turning it on in all nightly builds. Would it be useful for anything other than the built-in profiler? We have unstripped Mac nightlies because they're useful for Shark and the built-in sampler in Activity Monitor.
It would have some (limited) value for debugging. GCC can get the top frame and perhaps a few more (but likely not much more) without frame pointers/unwinds.
Is this correct? I do not need AC_SUBST since the variable comes from the mozconfig and not the configure script correct?

I added the diff away from the bottom to not cause conflict with the automated mozilla-central->profiling merge.
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Just a heads up Ehsan about this patch. I don't believe it will cause conflicts but just in case.
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Set STRIP_FLAGS on linux 32/64 nightly

Review of attachment 612870 [details] [diff] [review]:

No, you do need an AC_SUBST, and a line in to propogate the value of the variable.
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I hope that goods. I'm surprised these changes are needed since I was able to export STRIP_FLAGS in my environment and have it work.
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Yes, that would work fine locally, but setting it in the mozconfig doesn't have the equivalent effect on tinderbox.
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Set STRIP_FLAGS on linux 32/64 nightly v2

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That should work fine.
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Waiting on tree closure.
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We're correctly shipping symbols in nightlies now, but the add-on doesn't use the correctly. Re-opening this bug to track add-on changes needed.
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Made corrections to the profiling add-on. Symbolication is now working correctly. Last issues that needs to be solved is bug 744667.
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The problem was that we were walking the stack correctly but we weren't handling offset properly in proc/maps segments. For some reason this happens in official nightly builds but not more local builds. Regardless this is strictly more correct.
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