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It used to be possible with Fennec XUL to hover on elements on the page by doing a quick "tap and hold" but releasing before the context menu popped up.  I think it might have done this by moving the (invisible) mouse pointer to that position.  This was helpful for some sites where content is available only on mouseover.  This doesn't seem to be possible on Fennec Native.

I don't know if "tap and hold but less for 1 second" is really the right interaction to use, since it's a bit tricky and unobvious, but it at least worked for me.
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5 years ago
So I guess this is similar to bug 756942 and is what and are complaining about.

Personally it's killing me, I can't use a (private) page without this. On KitKat (4.4.2) both the stock Chrome browser and Dolphin handle this perfectly: a long tap triggers both the link menu *AND* the hover event. You can then dismiss the link menu and use whatever the hover event enabled.

On Firefox you get either the link menu (long tap) or hover AND link activation (short tap), and then you have to race the page load. I haven't managed to win that race even once.
Good idea. We can do that.
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Summary: not possible to hover on elements in a page → Fire mousemove events on long press
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3 years ago
Actually, another (better?) way would be to pop up the context menu and activate hover at the same time, then allow to leave context menu using back arrow, but leave hover activated.

That's how both Android's built-in browser, and Ubuntu Touch's browser handle it.

However, an even better approach would be to not fire a click event on a tap which changes the hover state of an element. That way, a first tap on such an element hovers it, and a second tap follows the link (if element is a link)

Elements which don't have a :hover style would still be clickable on first tap
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Similar approach on bug 460966.
Last Resolved: 5 months ago
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Duplicate of bug: 460966
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