Very fast key in to text input cause error at first form loading




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Steps to reproduce:

I used bar code scanner (replacement of keyboard) on Google search engine (fieshly opened) to scan 4 to 6 digits code.
This is something like I type very fast.

Note: Bar code reader is exactly same as keyboard input.  You just imagine super speed typing.

Actual results:

Some code lost some digits.  For example, I scan "2001", it becomes "201".
I scanned on Open office calc, write and other software including chrome at same google page.  There is no loss digit.

I have done with many types of code and I found some code which have same continuous number digits, like "2001", "2022", "4553", makes problem.  If "455678009", it will be "45678009", first continuous digit will be lost.

You can try,
<input type="text"/>

BUT,,, If the form is once submitted, the responded form seems to be no problem.  For example, in google, first scan cause problem but key in (scan) at the responded search result page is ok.

Expected results:

I am not familiar with program inside firefox.
It can be typing event handling inside firefox.

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4 years ago
Sorry this report stayed untouched.  Does that happen with recent versions?
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