Can't log in using VidyoMobile on Mozilla Guest



7 years ago
3 years ago


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7 years ago
When I try to log in to Vidyo using the "Mozilla Guest" wifi, the VidyoMobile app just times out while saying "Authenticating https...".

It works correctly on AT&T 3G and on the "Mozilla-G" wifi.

(This is all with my iPhone, which has VidyoMobile 1.0.2 installed.)
When does it not work correctly on your iphone, only when it's connected to "Mozilla Guest"?

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7 years ago
Correct.  Like in January (see comment 0), it still works on AT&T 3G and on the "Mozilla-G" wifi, but not on the "Mozilla Guest" wifi.

VidyoMobile is now 1.1.0.  I'm still in Mountain View.
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