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Flag likely zombie compartments in about:memory


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njn would like to use telemetry data to find bad add-ons.

Problem is, I think this would be difficult to do given the current set of data we have.  We could look at RSS and GC / CC times, but these are all noisy, and we'd need a powerful statistical analysis to eke out the data we want.  Not saying we shouldn't try, but I'm not convinced it'll work.

However, if we sent in telemetry the number of zombie compartments, then we might be able to make some headway on this.

The only trick is, we'd need to automatically figure out what is and isn't a zombie.

We've talked about extensions legitimately holding documents alive, but I've yet to see one which does this, so I can't imagine that's too common.  But false-positives of this form are OK here; we'd simply run the add-on, notice that the zombies are legitimate, and not flag the relevant add-on.
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Saptarshi, Taras mentioned that you've been analyzing Telemetry data to figure out which add-ons are particularly noisome?  Do you have anything to report about this effort?
Hi justin
I m working with njn in memshrink data and hopefully find which addons affect memory usage

Currently im on holiday in india and will be back feb 6. No work as yet but will try to get something useful nedt week
We agreed at the meeting to narrow this bug's scope to identifying zombies and flagging them in about:memory.  We can handle telemetry separately.

khuey says this would be relatively simple to do, by iterating over all our docshells.
Summary: Automatic detection of zombie compartments → Flag likely zombie compartments in about:memory
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Depends on: cpg
Same thing as bug 740525, no? Fixed by bug 911641
> Same thing as bug 740525, no? Fixed by bug 911641

Not quite the same, but ghost windows suffice.
Closed: 6 years ago
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