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6 years ago
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6 years ago
After running several events in the community space, we have identified
some additional A/V requirements that will make it suitable for use with
larger groups.

- Drop down screen (ceiling mounted at centre of west end of the room)
- Blackout window shades (placed behind the screen location only)
- Ceiling mounted projector w/ drop-down cable for easy plug-in, and
audio drop to go to main mixing board.
- 2 more powered speakers (all 4 speakers ceiling mounted).
- 1 wedge monitor (not powered)
- Audio drop box (50 foot 8ch snake w/ 4 TRS returns), wall mounted on
west wall, with cable run along ceiling to south wall location where
mixing board is located. TRS cables run to all speakers, going to the
board location.

Ryan Merkley will be happy to discuss details/specs with you, and also
help with local sourcing to accelerate delivery and minimize costs.

There is a games workweek coming up in February, and it would be ideal
to have all of this in place by that point. If that's not possible, only
the projector/screen are essential by that time.

If I should have filed this elsewhere, I'm sorry :(


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This is the right component, thanks for filing this.

We're aware that we need to provide AV capability in the community side of the space, and are discussing plans for all the offices today, in fact.

That said, this doesn't feel like the right way to build out that space. We should match the capability of the corporate space (and that could use a few upgrades as well) What you've spec'ed in comment 0 feels much more like a temporary installation in a club space, not a proper Mozilla Space.

I'll discuss the requirements with Rob today and we'll circle back on a proper build.

What are the dates for the Games work week? (February is 4 days away!)

This isn't the right way to build out that space
Ugh. Ignore the last line...that's what I get for editing a bug comment on the train. :|

Comment 3

6 years ago
HI Zandr!

The Games work week is the second week of February (13-17).  Jonathan (Desktop) says they've ordered 2 projection screens for it so we'll see how those work out.

If you want to discuss this further with someone, I'd be happy to book some time for you to talk to Ryan.  Just ping me.


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6 years ago
The projection screens ordered are:

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6 years ago
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6 years ago
We got the 60 inch projections screens, but they are a bit small for the space. I've decided to keep them to have them available to take off site, but the space would likely need a larger display/screen of some sort.

Also got a mic stand, as well as a 3.5mm adapter plug for the bodypack transmitter so we can wirelessly transmit sound into the soundboard from a laptop.

Some staff members have suggested mounting a large 80+ inch flatpanel TV on a movable stand, attached to a mac mini for something like the movable TVs in R2D2 in MTV.

I'm investigating options for mobile TV stands.
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