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Just saw this wiki page that DevEngage has to show contacts per topic.

Basically it provides the answer to "If you want to know about Paladin, talk to Dan Mosedale - the definitive source. If you want to know about Paladin from the DevEngage perspective, talk to Rob Hawkes."

Seems like could do something similar using topics or interests and groups?
Thanks for the bug filed, Luke! We're planning on making the "Stewards" have more privileges on the app. For example, folks who want to get involved in a certain group (or with a specific skill or set of skills) can contact one of the Stewards who have grouped themselves to other places without having to create an account. 

We could change the copy here to also include contacting a Steward or set of Stewards to get involved over a specific topic. Have you talked to Boswell or William Q about the projects and contacts work? It seems like they have a lot of overlap with what we're currently running in Contributor Engagement.
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Groups now have Stewards attached to them. Take a look at as an example.
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Bumping to verified due to the passage of time - we have a UX overhaul in process that will likely make it to production in ~1 month.

If you have ideas or suggestions feel encouraged to discuss them with the group. The site is live at while we iterate on the dev work.
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