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6 years ago
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6 years ago
Emscripten (LLVM to JS compiler, http://emscripten.org ) is now an official Mozilla project. It's getting close to a 2.0 release, and it would be great to have a professional looking website instead of just a github wiki page to welcome people.

I don't know anything about the process for asking for website design, please let me know if I am filing this in the wrong place.

I am also unsure what kind of website we need here, I just know the current github page is not that good, for which I take the blame ;)


6 years ago
Great idea. I'll talk to Creative about this next week.

Hey Mike,

I'd like to have this project assessed/prioritized. Emscripten is a strategic project and should have a (basic) web site. A single static page with a link to the Github project would be good for now.

A logo would be good, too -- should I file a separate bug on that?

Hey Dave,
I see it listed as one of the projects for the Research website. We are slated to create a project page that links off the research homepage. Is that what you're looking for or is there more to this?

Something like http://www.mozilla.org/research/emscripten
This is a little different. The project pages on the Research site are descriptions as research projects, spotlighting the research our group does. http://emscripten.org should be a product page, where people who are interested in using or contributing to Emscripten can go.

It doesn't need to be elaborate, though. Just a logo, a small blurb, and a link to the GitHub project.

Filed bug 753184 for a logo.

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