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A slew of JS memory reporter clean-ups


(Core :: JavaScript Engine, defect)

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(Reporter: n.nethercote, Assigned: n.nethercote)



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This patch removes the shell's stringstats() built-in, which hasn't worked for ages.
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The JS engine memory reporters used to be notable because they measured slop bytes.  But now that's commonplace, so there's no point bloating the descriptions.
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This patch:

- Renames a bunch of things to use more (now) standard names.  This includes
  changing TypeSet::dynamicSize() and TypeObject::dynamicSize() both to 
  computedSizeOfExcludingThis()... I wasn't sure if the "ExcludingThis" part
  was appropriate, I still don't entirely grok the accounting of the 
  temporary space.

- Moves some declarations that no longer need to be in MemoryMetrics.h 
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This patch renames a bunch of things:

- |IterateData data| --> |RuntimeStats rtStats|

- |JS::CollectCompartmentStatsForRuntime| --> |JS::CollectRuntimeStats|

- |CompartmentStats &curr|  --> |CompartmentStats &cStats|

- |CompartmentStats &stats| --> |CompartmentStats &cStats|

And a few other things like that.  I came up with the original names and 
have been confusing myself with them ever since (especially |IterateData|, 
geez).  The new ones are much better!

Ms2ger, I don't think you're a JS peer but I don't care, you're the best 
person to review this, having mucked around with this code a lot recently 
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Luke, we talked about exactly this in another bug recently.  Here you go!
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patch 4: rename IterateData and others

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patch 5: use size_t instead of int64_t in memory reporter structs

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