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AVG Link Scanner Works for Firefox but Not for SeaMonkey


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Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:9.0.1) Gecko/20111221 SeaMonkey/2.6.1

This is NOT a sniffing bug.  

The AVG Anti-Virus Freeware Edition (2012 version) includes a LinkScanner that is supposed to protect against malicious Web sites.  This feature is implemented for Firefox but not for SeaMonkey.  

It appears that the feature is implemented as an XPI extension, not in a browser profile's extension directory but in the AVG's installation directory.  There, I find a directory Firefox4, which contains an install.rdf file.  The file includes the following
    <!-- Firefox -->
but does not include the equivalent for SeaMonkey.  I attempted to add the SeaMonkey equivalent
    <!-- SeaMonkey -->
but that did not enable LinkScanner for SeaMonkey.  

I posted a comment on this in the AVG forum "AVG Network Protection" at <>.  A reply stated: "Support of SeaMonkey is not planned at the moment."  I then posted a comment in AVG's "Product Feedback" but have received no response.
Does it still happen?
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Apparently AVG redesigned its Link Scanner and now calls it Surf Shield.  Per the AVG 2014 User Manual, "Known malicious site connections and their exploitative content are blocked as they are accessed by the user via a web browser (or any other application that uses HTTP)."  

The current AVG Free 2014 does not have any .xpi files in its installation.  

I have no way to test this, but I agree to close this bug report as no longer valid.
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