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Provide simpler extensibility of stalk list and message output


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As discussed on IRC with Silver a couple of days ago. I failed to save the transcript so if anyone has the original convo then that would be appreciated.

Add 2 new internal commands that would be fired as part of the usual message parsing flow (names subject to discussion):

1) should-trigger-stalk
    This command would contain the current implementation of stalk-list logic,
    but would make it easy to hook / replace the default behaviour

2) build-message-row

    This command would contain the current implementation of converting the
    raw message data into the DOM element for insertion onto the page. This
    would allow pre-hooks to modify the data, and post-hooks to modify the DOM
    element itself.

When I find some time, I'll try and work on these features, but anyone else is welcome to jump in and do them first!
Original conversation, for reference:

[2012-01-23 09:58:09] <Glenjamin> removing the core stalk hook and replacing it with a modified version of that plugin might not be a bad approach
[2012-01-23 09:58:21] <Silver> If you have some time, make the is-important check into a command called hook-is-message-important or some such. :)
[2012-01-23 09:58:50] <Glenjamin> command or replaceable function?
[2012-01-23 10:00:36] <Glenjamin> bbl
[2012-01-23 10:00:38] <Silver> Command. Internal, not user-typable, of course. They have the advantage that you can add hooks before and after either execution IIRC and they can be replaced like aliases do it.
[2012-01-23 10:02:25] <Silver> If the arguments are done right, the hooks should be able to fully influence it (assuming no fighting!).
[2012-01-23 10:03:11] <Silver> A similar hook called in the middle of __display with the nickname, text, etc. would be handy too.
[2012-01-23 10:09:34] <Silver> I think you can do that with command hooks, anyway. Vnk uses them quite a lot.
[2012-01-23 10:17:21] <Silver> I suppose we could create a 2nd CommandManager instance just for hooks too.

Commands to be called hook-message-is-important and hook-message-build-row
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