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letter-spacing does not interact nicely with direction-run boundaries


(Core :: Layout: Text and Fonts, defect)

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When a RTL text segment occurs within an LTR line, and the overall text has non-zero letter-spacing, it looks like we add the spacing at the right-hand side of the LTR characters and at the left-hand side of the RTL characters.

The result is that at the initial boundary between the overall LTR text and an embedded RTL segment, we get double letter-spacing; and at the final boundary between the RTL segment and the surrounding LTR text, we get no letter-spacing. This looks bad.

In contrast, Safari applies the letter-spacing at the right-hand side of all the characters, resulting in a much better appearance in the mixed-direction case.

(On the other hand, Gecko's behavior works better for a purely-RTL example. But _neither_ browser correctly implements the CSS3 Text spec, which says that letter-spacing should not be applied at the beginning or end of a line.)
Depends on: 299943
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