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A new logo for Lightning


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We should consider a dedicated logo for Lightning to better identify it as a product. I found an old Lightning logo draft from Mark Carson in my emails, but I'm not sure we should make it quite as much a "Bird" logo.
Good idea! We could maybe move this bug to Marketing -> Design.
Ok, lets give it a try! Marketing/Design, would you be willing to help out here?
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Hey guys. Would love to help here but the Marketing/Design folks have pretty full plates right now. What kind of timing do you have in mind?
We are currently in the process of changing the website in bug 723267 and would of course enjoy a new logo as soon as you get to it. We could certainly use the open calendar logo (big version of [1]) in the meanwhile, but its quite generic.

Would you happen to have a ballpark figure of how much time you would need?

Hmm. Realistically it wouldn't be something we could really address until Q2. I'm thinking this would be a great project to bring in a designer from our community for...the only challenge is that we would need to find that designer first, but having a project like this is a great incentive to do so.

If that sounds good, perhaps we could put out a request and see who responds. Thoughts?
With other projects I haven't had the best experience with community design contests, but I could talk about this with the team. I've experienced that a small number of designers would step up and if the best they can do just isn't good enough there is great discontent among the community. The designer feels hurt by the project not taking his/her logo, the community commiserates. 

Given Q2 starts at the end of the month, I wouldn't object waiting. Unless of course you are aiming for the end of Q2? :)
Hey Philipp, we have a freelancer that we work with regularly (and he is great), would you be up for working with him on this?
Philipp agreed to work with Matt on this (assigning to Matt)
Assignee: tshahian → mternoway
Hi Philipp,  thanks for having me on for this project.  I am currently in the works of getting things started on the logo concept for this...just wondering if there are any other things that you think I should keep in mind. 

I believe this is associated with Thunderbird, so I'm assuming that working with the existing Thunderbird logo, in terms of colour and style may be a good place to start?

Would you prefer that we go more of an obvious route, incorporating a stylized lightning bolt with a calendar somehow, or maybe a bit more 'out of the box' and not so obvious. I think with the lightning bolt route we would have many possibilities of how to present it...maybe something with depth, or more of a flat straight on view.  

Will this logo need to be adapted to be used in smaller formats for things like add-ons icons?

Looking forward to getting started!

Hi Matt,

unfortunately this went off my radar for a moment and now I'm basically on vacation, but here a few lines to get things going again.

I agree the Thunderbird logo is a good place to start in terms of color and style. Another idea would be to use a similar color to the old Sunbird Logo, without making it look too much like Sunbird.

I've seen a few design ideas with a Lightning bolt and I didn't find one that was visually appealing and since Lightning can be associated with destruction, I'm not sure we should visually emphasize it. If you have a good idea how to incorporate the Lightning bolt though, I'm open to it. Since you say you see many possibilities, why not give it a try.

The main target for this Logo is the website (bigger, something around 256x256) and the addon icon (max 48x48 for the addon icon in the Thunderbird Addons Manager and a 64x64 and 32x32 version for

Note to other Calendar-Folks CC'd on this bug: I'd appreciate your input too!
Hi Phillip,

No worries, I've been away myself for the past week...I have started something prior to my vacation that I thought I would share with you before your time off.  

This concept incorporates the use of a lightning bolt in a stylized cartoonish manner, overlapping a calendar with a curled corner to give it a bit of life.  It's the more obvious route to go with.  Perhaps I can explore some more abstract ideas as well.  Just thought I would get this in front of you to get the ball rolling.

Please let me know how you feel about this idea.

Hi Matt, sorry for the delay on this. Since a new Logo isn't just the decision of pork or chicken for the day, I had trouble finding the right thoughts to say a bit more than yes/no/maybe.

I realize this is hard to accomplish with a Lightning bolt and a calendar, but one thing that immediately struck my eye is while the logo's style fits nicely into the brand format of Mozilla, the one missing similarity is the shape. Until now, most comparable Mozilla products have round logos. Do you see any possibilities to make it more round?

Using blue fits nicely with Thunderbird, but the overall color set is very light. Maybe you could bring in a bit more contrast into the colors, possibly by using a shade of yellow for the Lightning bolt, or a shade of red for the headline of the calendar block?

I like that the page starts to flip and also the slight bending of the calendar block. Some people I've shown this logo mentioned the spiral being a little massive, maybe you can make it a bit smaller.

If you'd like to gather more inspiration, I've updated the mockup for our new website to match the design more closely:
Also, if have some more abstract ideas on your mind, feel free to tell me about them.

But most importantly, thanks for helping out with this! I really appreciate :-)
I've missed that there is/was some activity for a Lightning logo but I'm really excited about it (and thankful). I'm really bad with visual design so I can only comment on what I like or dislike:
- to be a proper Mozilla logo I really think it should be round like FF, TB and Sunbird
- blue is fine with me but it seems too pale
- the calendar has a really sophisticated design but the bolt on the other hand looks rather plain and simple
Hi there!  I wanted to quickly check in and see what the overall timing and priority is for this bug. ? That will certainly help us with respect to planning resources.  Also, Matt has already gotten this to a great start but wanted to share that he's currently heads down on another project that will keep him busy for at least the next few weeks.  Therefore he won't be able to redirect his attention to this bug until later in the Quarter.  I hope that's okay.  Thanks for your patience.
I suspect that all the back and forth with the Lightning website will still take a while and we have an intermediate Logo so this doesn't really block the new website design. There is no hard deadline, later this Quarter is fine for me.
Hello, I realise I'm adding to this discussion quite late so ignore me if things are too far along, but how about something along the lines of the attached (if you can imagine it drawn up properly).

It keeps the use of the animals, colour and circle. It's an electric Eel.
I like the fact that it's round and thus it's easy to associate it with TB/FF. I like the colors, too. What I don't like is the choice of animal. An eel is much less amicable than a fox or a bird.
Maybe an Eel would also be too close to this: <>. If we want to follow up on the Eel, then this would have to go through legal. Also if we go with an Eel, I think it should be more obvious that its electric. It took me a moment to see the connection.

Pretty cool sketch though. Given Matt is probably still swamped with other things, any further ideas are welcome.
I haven't got a massive amount of free time at the moment either, but I'll sketch something up if I have any other ideas.

I was thinking about it the other week and thought does it make sense for Lightening to have a circular logo now that it is not a standalone application like Sunbird. It feels like it is probably more related to a plug-in like Firebug.
Weighing in a little late here, I agree with Marcel in comment #20 that an eel isn't really an ideal animal to use in a logo. Much less amicable (and more slimy) as he put it.
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