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Add an em:updateURL tag for nightly builds only


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See bug 322522 for the bigger picture.

When everything else is in place, we need to add an em:updateURL pointing to the right location, but only for official nightly builds.
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Aside from using the correct hostname, this should fix the source tree side of things. Now we just need buildbot to pass the variable on comm-aurora and comm-central.

I guess this could either be done by modifying the mozconfigs or by changing the buildstep. Mark, which do you think is better/will actually work?

pro-buildstep: when mozconfigs move to source tree, adding this variable there will likely be wrong

pro-mozconfig: maybe easier to set up, i.e it can be done for nightly configs only.
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Fix - v1

r=me for when you get the proper url.

I would do the env var within a buildbot step. It is easy to add env vars there and is generally what we do with this type of thing.

In fact if you wanted, you could probably make the value an env var as well, although maybe that's going overboard.
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I'm excited, lets see how this goes!
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Doesn't seem to work. I don't see any em:updateURL in todays comm-central/comm-aurora linux/linux64 nightly package.
Yep, I forgot to reconfigure the buildbot. Before I do that I'm going to make sure beta 2 is working since right now it is configured for beta 2.
Changes pulled, buildbot reconfiged. Lets hope it works better this time :-)
From a quick look it seems to work now i.e. em:updateURL is set.

But the URL doesn't work. Seems the update check got redirected to the calendar homepage and instead of the update manifest file the normal homepage content is served.

Error: mismatched tag. Expected: </link>.
Source file:
Line: 34, Column: 3
Source code:

Is this a known problem? Is this the right location to discuss? Or open a new bug?
Duh, a typo on my side. It should be update.php not upload.php!

Fixed in build/buildbot-configs changeset 29087b92e924

The next nightly builds should work better.
I still get the wrong upload.php link in todays build.
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