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Inconsistent rendering with unicode modifier and document.normalize()


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The testcase only shows "T" while the reference shows both "T" and the modifier. Strangely, increasing the font size makes the testcase match the reference.

document.normalize() shouldn't affect rendering, right? :)
Sounds like we don't do enough textrun reconstruction?
The dependence on size is very strange. It's not that _changing_ the size fixes things (by causing reflow/new textrun construction); simply adding font-size: 24px makes it display fine when initially loaded.
The problem seems to be font-specific. It happens with Arial, and also with Times New Roman; OTOH, with Tahoma and with Charis SIL, the modifier letter remains visible at all sizes.

(Not many fonts support that character, so I don't have a huge selection of fonts to test here - in most cases, fallback kicks in and we get Arial.)
Blocks: refdyn
Jonathan, did you test with the fonts that comment 4 says are affected (and probably on the same platform)?
The bug still occurs for me with Nightly on macOS 10.12, with both Times New Roman and Arial: with the two-text-node testcase, the \uA721 character (MODIFIER LETTER STRESS AND LOW TONE) appears only if the font size is 20px or above.
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