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update Unicode support to v6.1


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We should update the various data tables, etc., that depend on Unicode, now that v6.1 is officially released.

This mainly affects code/data under intl/, presumably, but also some in gfx/thebes/.
In the past we have generally pushed Unicode updates to release branches so that releases support the latest Unicode version. In the rapid-release model, I think we can just let the update ride the trains. As it happens this release will show the longest delay possible if we follow that model: 6.1 support will be in Firefox 13, due for release on 2012-06-05. I think this is a reasonable delay.
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rs=jfkthame. I didn't attempt to check all the updates to various generated tables :) but this looks fine.

::: intl/unicharutil/util/nsBidiUtils.h
@@ +278,5 @@
>  #define IS_IN_BMP_RTL_BLOCK(c) ((0x590 <= (c)) && ((c) <= 0x8ff))
>  #define IS_RTL_PRESENTATION_FORM(c) (((0xfb1d <= (c)) && ((c) <= 0xfdff)) || \
>                                       ((0xfe70 <= (c)) && ((c) <= 0xfefc)))
> +#define IS_IN_SMP_RTL_BLOCK(c) (((0x10800 <= (c)) && ((c) <= 0x10fff)) || \
> +                                ((0x1E800 <= (c)) && ((c) <= 0x1EFFF)))

Please use lowercase hex here; consistency with the surrounding code makes it easier to read, IMO.
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Tom, does jseng need anything updated?
I just run js/src/vm/ and indeed it looks like some stuff that is relevant to JS changed. Because I am bit lazy did anything conceptually in Unicode (and or the Unicode format) change? I would guess not.
There'll be a few changes due to new case-mappings, etc., but it looks like re-running with the latest data file should be all you need.
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