advanced search on forums with elastic search not working

VERIFIED FIXED in 2012-02-14

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Do an advanced search with elastic search in forums tab with the following bits:

* query is "norton"
* created after 01/31/2012

This has no results. Cww says this should pick up at least 5 threads.

Possible causes off the top of my head:

1. live indexing isn't working for forums/threads/something
2. the data isn't correct, so when we filter on it, it's not bringing up results
3. the filter for created isn't correct, so when we filter on it, it's not bringing up results
Cww says other similar queries are not working, too. Maybe that implies possibilities 2 and 3 are more likely culprits.
Searching posts by specific users as well:

We should consider pulling this into current sprint.
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Given comment #2, we talked about it on the call and agreed to pull it into the 2012.3 sprint. We decided not to bump anything out of the sprint--whatever doesn't get done gets pushed off to the next sprint.

Making this a 2 pter. There are two distinct issues in this bug now and each one needs looking into.

Grabbing this one.
Assignee: nobody → willkg
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There are two issues here, so I'm going to work through them sequentially.

Issue 1: Defined in the description. Doing a search for "norton" and "created after 1/31/2012" doesn't bring up results when we know results are there.

Issue 2: Defined in comment #2, searches on creators aren't working. Cor-el defines it this way:

I'm having some problem with searching posts by users.

I've seen a few times that nothing comes up if I do a search to see if ane OP has posted more questions (e.g. duplicates).
In master:

QA: Advanced search queries for forums for created before/after some date should work now. Advanced search queries for forums for authors should work now.
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → 2012-02-14
Cherry-picked to next in
Target Milestone: 2012-02-14 → ---
Re-setting the milestone.
Target Milestone: --- → 2012-02-14
Verified filtering on forums using both the before & after date filter serve results.
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