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7 years ago
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Steps to reproduce:

On livejournal.com friends page & http://www.prop8trialtracker.com/ I hit refresh to update the page

Actual results:

Embbed videos (on LJ) and videos and Scribd items (on prop8) show the item that occupied that "slot" before the update. That is, if there were 3 videos before the update (vid1m vid2, vid3) and after the refresh, there are new videos added (pages add new items at the top on both sitesm, call the new vids vida, vib & vidc) the first video embed still displays as vid1, the next as vid2, etc. 

Expected results:

The new videos should have displayed properly. Ie if one video was added the videos as you scoll down the page should have been vida, vid1, vid, etc. If two were added then it'd be vida, vidb, vid, vid2 etc. Instead of still being vid1, vid2, etc.

Haven't had a chance to see if Firefox 10 does this, but it's existed since Firefox 3.

Comment 1

7 years ago
This has occured on Win2k *and* WinXP and has done so since at least Firefox 4, possibly Firefox 3. On three seperate computers.

On the Prop8 site it's even weirder because embedded Scribd link will sometoiime replace the indended video and vice versa. 

My *guess* is that there's a "list" of embedded items somewhere and refresh doesn't update it. Only navigating to a different page and then back will get the embeds properly displayed.
Looks like this never got a response, sorry about that. Is it still an issue that you have noticed? If not, I would like to close this bug.
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Comment 3

5 years ago
Well, it's still happening on this machine, but since the Win2k doesn't support anything later than Firefox 12, I don't know if later versions fixed it. I do have XP systems I can fire up to test things, but given that it takes "special circumstances" to trigger it, it'd take a while to confirm it.

Still, whatever it is would have to be a logic error of some sort (I'd think) it's probably still in the more recent versions.
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Once again sorry for the late reply. If it is still happening on your machine, could you provide me with steps to reproduce (the link above is not active)?

Thank you,

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I will close this bug due to lack of response.
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
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