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Hi Matej,

We are planning to promote Firefox 11 for Android in late March with a What's New Page to reach our audience of desktop users. 

The promo should let users know that they can extend their desktop Firefox experience to a new, shiny version of Firefox for Android and how mobile will make their online life better. 

More info to come soon!

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7 years ago
Just sync'd with Tara and lforrest, and we were thinking of something along the lines of a mash-up between the branded What's New (http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/10.0/whatsnew/) and the older one (http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/7.0/whatsnew/)

-Top keeps the "Your Firefox is up to date" message
-Component after that is "Now that your Firefox is up to date, you can enjoy ___". (lmesa recommended Add-on Sync as the important Firefox 11 feature, cc'ing Greg our Sync person for messaging) 
-Big mobile promo: Goal is to let desktop Firefox users know that the 1) latest Firefox for Android is completely new and revamped and 2) they can get the most out of their desktop Firefox by sync'ing it with mobile Firefox. 
-CTA: Learn more about Firefox for Android 

Aimed deadline: Feb 22 


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7 years ago
Thanks.  cc-ing lTom as I'd like him to take the design.  I'll sync up with him tomorrow to get him up to speed.  Once we figure out copy and content here, we can figure out the best solution for design. Should be no problem.
Whiteboard: Due: 2/22


7 years ago

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7 years ago
Not sure I completely understand how this is supposed to look. Are we going back to the three smaller promos along the bottom? Is there a mockup or wireframe I could look at?

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7 years ago
Hey Matej.  Good question...  It's not going back to the three smaller promos.  I think it'll lean heavily towards the most current version (with the orange background and a solid white block for the content in the center).  I'm not entirely sure how much content there is here (was hoping to see what you come up with first before figuring out the layout) but the intention is to have two things highlighted in that same white space:

* New features in Firefox, likely to be a shorter blurb.
* Mobile + hero graphic... which means it needs more space.

Jaclyn wanted mobile to be above the fold and visible,  but in terms of visual hierarchy (and their priorities) "new features" shouldn't be buried, and while the mobile piece is important and will get the bulk of the space... it also shouldn't totally dominate and overpower the "new features" section.  I hope that helps / makes sense.

I don't have a wireframe or sketch simply because I wasn't sure how much content we had just yet.  I can throw something together if that helps.

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7 years ago
Thanks, Tara. Based on the above, here's the copy I imagine fitting in to this, but I'm not sure I completely understand it just yet. Happy to revise and tweak as things go into layout.

Your Firefox is up to date.
Now synchronize add-ons between all your devices with the new Add-on Sync.

All New for Android
Discover the revamped and redesigned Firefox for Android. Then use Sync to take your desktop bookmarks, tabs and browsing history with you, anywhere you go.

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7 years ago
A few comments / questions:

- Is the FF is up to date message going to be connected visually with the add-ons message? My understanding was that these would be two different components. If that's the case maybe the copy should not be connected (ie not start with "Now synchronize"...).

- The content seems a little redundant. We mention Sync twice, once with an emphasis on add-ons, and one more time with Firefox for Android (but the list doesn't mention add-ons here). Two mentions - none of them comprehensive. In the end, it sounds like sync and add-oon sync are two seperate features.

- Seems to me a cleaner and clearer option would be to mention Sync only once but in a comprehensive way (in the new features component) and focus the mobile promo on other features than Sync or on user benefits.

- Also just a quick reminder that add-ons don't sync from desktop to mobile. The feature is only enbable on similar device platforms for now (ie desktop to desktop, and mobile to mobile).

Maybe we can use some of the Synx contentwe worked on :
* /features page: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=725719#c2
* FF and your devices: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/DevicesCreativeReview1

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7 years ago
Thanks Greg. That all makes sense to me. Unfortunately, it doesn't clear up the question (at least not for me) of how this page is going to look. At this point I think I'm going to need at least a rough mockup of how the information is supposed to flow. Sounds like I might need some more copy points as well.

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7 years ago
Thanks Matej, and Greg.  All good points.  Perhaps Lee can share some thoughts here, but the way I see it... the design is somewhat flexible and it can be customized to fit the copy and messaging hierarchy we decide on.

So, if we have two distinctly different features / messages, then we can break those up accordingly in the design (in different promo blocks, with dotted line breaks, etc) or if they touch on related features (sync) we can adjust the design so it doesn't feel redundant.  I don't know how this will look either and I know design and copy feed off of each other quite a bit... I'm trying to first have a crisp understanding of what we want to communicate and then Lee can help figure out how to adjust the previous template...and what (if any) copy tweaks are needed. 

Perhaps that just went in a circle, but am hoping the PMMs can help provide some clarify here.  And then Lee can chime in with any additional thoughts he has wrt design.

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7 years ago
I think I need more clarification from Jaclyn, then. Could you let me know what you're looking for here? Specifically things like: How many content blocks. What each one should be about. How many headlines. Copy vs. bullet points. Order of content. How much content each one should contain. Which one is the priority. Etc. Thanks!

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7 years ago
I'm thinking 3 content blocks:

[1] Your Firefox is up to date message (small block)

[2] What's new in Firefox 11 for desktop (small block, slightly larger than 1st)
-either a couple of lines, or bullet points

[3] Firefox for Android promo (large block) 
-Couple lines of copy 
-Tara, we originally scoped this to include a graphic, but I was thinking we could use the launch video we're planning for here instead 

Does this help?

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7 years ago
It definitely helps me understand the layout and flow better, but not the content.

For Firefox 11, are we just talking about add-on sync? What specifically do you want to say about that and where can I find more information?

Same thing for Android: Are we just saying it's new? What points would you like to cover here?

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7 years ago
Jaclyn: unless your video is going to be localized - which would surprise me ;) - it would still be good to have a fall-back graphic for our locales.

Matej: for Firefox 11: I suggested messaging around Your FF experience becoming richer with Add-on Sync (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=724157#c4). It's the only thing we will mention (we decided not to mention Twitter search).

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7 years ago
Greg - good point about having a fall back graphic 

Matej - just sync'd with Laura and there's nothing else to highlight besides add-on sync. There's a little bit of info on here: https://blog.mozilla.com/futurereleases/2012/02/03/firefoxbeta11/

For Android - we would like to get across that they should check out the latest version which is completely new and redesigned, and they should Sync their desktop history and passwords to all their devices for a painless browsing experience on mobile

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7 years ago
Thanks, guys. I think Greg makes a really good point in comment 6 that we're highlighting Sync in both content blocks, which makes things confusing and makes Add-on Sync seem like a separate product from Sync (I'll be honest, I thought it was, too, until he pointed it out).

Could we respin this whole thing as a Sync promo? That way Sync would lead and we could talk about it the context of both desktop (new Add-on Sync) and mobile (rich, painless browsing experience), plus mention that mobile is all new, etc. Otherwise I'm having trouble seeing how we can separate the two and keep this page neat and clear.

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7 years ago
Sounds good. The only thing I would be cautious about is if users think add-on sync works on mobile as well, so we would need to make sure we don't hint that

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7 years ago
Well, it does ;) What doesn't work is desktop to mobile add-on sync. The mobile part of add-on sync is not worth mentioning (it addresses a tiny audience of users using FFA on multiple mobile devices AND using mobile add-ons).

I think there is two ways to do this: either mention desktop only, or be vague enough that we don't imply cross-device platform sync... Can we give these two directions a try and see what feels best?

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7 years ago
OK, hopefully I'm getting closer here. I think the flow is better and more logical, just not sure if it's satisfying everyone's needs. Have a gander:

Your Firefox is up to date.

Sync up. Browse better.

Enjoy a richer online experience with Firefox Sync.

On desktop:
Now your favorite add-ons are at hand no matter which machine you're using thanks to the new Add-on Sync. Learn more >>

On mobile:
Sync your passwords, tabs and browsing history and take them with you using the completely new and redesigned Firefox for Android. Learn more >>

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7 years ago
How do you feel about this tweak:

> On mobile:
> Sync your passwords and browsing history for painless mobile browsing with
> the completely new and redesigned Firefox for Android. Learn more >>

tabs won't sync :(

Comment 19

7 years ago
(In reply to Jaclyn Fu from comment #18)
> How do you feel about this tweak:
> > On mobile:
> > Sync your passwords and browsing history for painless mobile browsing with
> > the completely new and redesigned Firefox for Android. Learn more >>
> tabs won't sync :(

That looks fine to me.

Comment 20

7 years ago
Hi all - update that the final release launch for native UI won't go out until sometime around early June (roughly following timeline of FF13). We will need to adjust the desktop message accordingly as we get closer

Thanks everyone
Summary: [Mobile] Copy for FF11 WNP → [NativeUI GA] Copy for What's New page

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7 years ago
closing this out due the updated timing - will be opening a new bug to reflect Firefox 13 desktop features
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