Open Bug 724196 Opened 12 years ago Updated 2 years ago

Zoom level should be per tab


(Firefox :: Tabbed Browser, defect)

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Windows Vista





(Reporter: will.pittenger1+mozbugzilla, Unassigned)


I noticed that all tabs for a given domain use the same zoom level.  However, I think most users will not be expecting this.  I was looking at two SVG images from Commons at Wikimedia.  Like most users, I needed to zoom way out on one of the images to see the entire image.  But the same zoom level on the other image didn't make sense.  I ended up with this little tiny image.  When I zoomed into it, the image in the other tab was now zoomed in.
The behavior is intentional. If it doesn't fit your taste then just use about:config and toggle browser.zoom.siteSpecific to false.
Severity: normal → S3
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