Can't copy or drag bookmark folders to or from Safari



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6 years ago
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Sample BookmarkDictionaryListPboardType drag output in plist format

[9:18pm] cl: phiw and i were just discussing safari bookmarks drag bugs
[9:18pm] cl: We don't seem to accept drags of bookmark folders from Safari
[9:18pm] cl: and we don't seem to accept drags of *any* bookmark-bar items
[9:19pm] cl: i'm not sure we can do anything about the latter, but I bet the former is something that used to work
[9:19pm] sauron: really?
[9:19pm] sauron: i'd bet it never worked
[9:21pm] cl: in theory, this should be fairly simple stuff, maybe GFB material
[9:23pm] Wevah: BookmarkDictionaryListPboardType
[9:23pm] cl is now known as cl|zzz.
[9:23pm] cl|zzz: lemme guess: we don't know how to handle that?
[9:23pm] Wevah: which looks like it's in the same format as the safari bookmarks file
[9:23pm] sauron: which, if so, we totally know how to handle 
[9:24pm] sauron: in SafariBookmarksImporter.m 
[9:24pm] Wevah: yeah
[9:24pm] Wevah: i mean, it's a subtree of the whole file, ofcourse
[9:24pm] sauron: mhm
[9:24pm] Wevah: since it's just the one folder
[9:26pm] sauron: or folders, but yeah
[9:26pm] Wevah: right

Of course, we'll want to support nested folders, too, and all the fun that that entails :P
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> [9:24pm] sauron: in SafariBookmarksImporter.m 

That's SafariBookmarkConverter.m. On the import side, it looks like getting a dictionary from the plist and then calling SafariBookmarksImporter's bookmarkFolderForDictionary: on the dictionary would do exactly what we want.

Of course, we'd still have to register for the drag type and handle the drag type (and paste type) everywhere, and there's the fact that only imports the SafariBookmarkConverter header, and the fact that bookmarkFolderForDictionary: isn't public, but the guts of the conversion really is written.

On the export side, we probably have the same types of issues.
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