Update the Dev Derby "Judging" with January--March judges



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7 years ago
Hey guys. I'm sorry for forgetting to mention this in the meeting today.

We will have three new judges for the January Dev Derby, so we will need to update the "Judging" tab accordingly. I do not have the headshots/bios yet, but should have them within a week or so.

Additionally, we should probably remove the current judges or list them under a "Previous Judges" heading. None of them will be judging January entries.

The good news? We plan to hold onto judges for three months at a time, so updates like these should be relatively infrequent. Also, if it helps, I can update the tab myself and send you guys a pull request (assuming I ever get vagrant going).

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7 years ago
+1 to doing a PR! :)

When will the January winners be announced? Seems we don't need to list the new judges until their judgements are also listed. So we can probably do this in 2.4.
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7 years ago
Agreed. In theory, the goal is to announce them by the 20th, but considering this is our first month with the new judging process it will probably be closer to late Feb / early March.

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7 years ago
John, can you put a link to the content here in this bug? Thanks.

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7 years ago
Bringing up to 2.3 because we need to add the tab copy for March to push on 2/28.
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7 years ago
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7 years ago
The copy doesn't need to be updated until judging happens, which will hopefully be around early March.

The copy for the first judge is coming momentarily. There will be two more judges after that, but I'm still waiting to wrap those judges up...

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7 years ago
Remy Sharp:

Headshot: https://twimg0-a.akamaihd.net/profile_images/1509934279/rem-2011.jpg
Title: MasterChef of code and cookies
Website: http://remysharp.com
Twitter: @rem
Short, ginger, British.  Built a few things: jsbin.com, html5demos.com, remote-tilt.com, responsivepx.com, nodemon, inliner.leftlogic.com, jqueryfordesigners.com, mit-license.org, snapbird.org, jsconsole.com.  Runs a conference, wrote half a book.


7 years ago
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7 years ago
Chris Coyier:

Headshot: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chriscoyier/5215511276/in/set-72157611092653322
Title: Lead Hucklebucker
Website: http://chriscoyier.net/
Twitter: @chriscoyier


Chris is a web worker currently working for Wufoo & SurveyMonkey. He
blogs about all things web at the community site CSS-Tricks. He
co-authored the book Digging Into WordPress and talks shop about the
web at the aptly named ShopTalk podcast.

You can easily get him excited by talking about HTML, CSS,
JavaScript, banjos, camping, or serialized sci-fi television shows.
Summary: Update the Dev Derby "Judging" tab before late February → Update the Dev Derby "Judging" with January--March judges

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7 years ago
Chris Heilmann (you might know him):


Principal Evangelist at Mozilla



Chris Heilmann is the principal evangelist for Mozilla and has been blogging on web technologies for the last 6 years. Before Mozilla he was part of the Yahoo Developer Network and before that he spent several years developing large web sites and apps. Originally Chris was a radio journalist and newscaster. Chris lives in England but travels most of the time. His blog mostly contains his presentations, code examples about upcoming technologies and tips and tricks on web development of all kinds.

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7 years ago
And that's it for January--March judges, so this can be pushed out whenever.

There is still the open question of what to do with the judges that are currently listed, since they are no longer active. Listing them under a "Past judges" expandable could be nice, but I'm happy to just remove from the tab if it saves you guys some time.

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7 years ago
I'm out of 2.4 bugs so I'm working ahead some more.
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