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RSS distribut Gmail afert not Display


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Build ID: 20120122005135

Steps to reproduce:

I distributed RSS to Gmail and did it. 

Actual results:

Gmail was received by Thunderbird. 
Thunderbird does not display portioned-out RSS.
But it has displayed correctly by Gmail (on web browser firefox any version)
It has displayed also by the e-mail software Becky!2, QMAIL3 of Japan (IMAP receive). 

Expected results:

It can display also by Thunderbird.
Is there any reason to make this bug security sensitive? Does the image of the email contain private or confidential information you do not wish to make public?

Can you attach the source of the email?
Thank you response.

I would like to save Thunderbird RSS recive data. 
RSS of Thunderbird is local preservation. 
If HDD breaks, the history of RSS will disappear. 
Therefore, I would like to distribute to Gmail. 

The source of RSS may be the RSS source which Thunderbird received. 
The source received by Becky!2 is shown.
This source is the source distributed to Gmail from Thunderbird.  


    <base href="">
  <body id="msgFeedSummaryBody" selected="false">
 <font color="darkmagenta" size="4"><t>(・ω(・ω・)ノ☆<br><br>早速、ネットでレシピ探しました<br>米粉+お豆腐+カボチャ<br>のマヨが沢山見つかったの<br><br>でも、私、イマイチピーンと来なかったの<br><br>私ね、マヨにお醤油が絶対合うって思ってる子なの<br>だから<br><br>米粉にお醤油=お餅<br>お豆腐にお醤油=お味噌系?<br>カボチャにお醤油=煮付け?<br><br>ピンと来なかったの<br><br>そんな中で見つけたわー☆<br>それを次で紹介☆<br><br>もったいぶって、続くのれす<br>(・ω・)ω・)ノ☆</t></font>
Ok, I'm going to remove the security sensitive flag so that people who can help investigate can see this bug.
Group: core-security
Thank you. 
I appreciate.
(In reply to Sirato Napori from comment #4)
If I get what you are saying: you received an RSS feed in Thunderbird, then you sent it via e-mail to Gmail account, you can see the email through Gmail without issue, but you cannot see that email through Thunderbird. Is that what you are trying to describe?
(In reply to Hashem Masoud from comment #5)

Yes it is.

1.Create new account Thunderbird (Blogs & News Feeds)
2.Receive RSS via Thunderbird
3.Message Filters --> Move Messeage to Gmail account at Thunderbird
4.Receive Gmail account via Thunderbird can not Display
5.Receive Gmail via web browser Firefox any Virsion can Display
6.Receive Gmail via Becky!2 and Qmail3 can Display


View-->messeage body as-->simple HTML

It is can Display

But Orignal HTML can not display.
(In reply to Sirato Napori from comment #6)
I tried forwarding an RSS feed to my email account and it shows correctly through Thunderbird:
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686; rv:10.0) Gecko/20120129 Thunderbird/10.0
Application Build ID: 20120129064000
Restart Thunderbird with Add-ons disabled (through Help menu) and check.
(In reply to Hashem Masoud from comment #7)


This problem is initial setting.
I install Thunderbird 10 clean Install.
Therefore, plunins is not install.
But can't Display.

Afer I clean install Win7 and Thunderbird.
But can't Display.

I use Win7 x64 Home Premium.
CPU Core i-7 860
Memory 8GB
Graphic nVidia GTS450

Thank you.
(In reply to Sirato Napori from comment #8)
OK, I tried the URL you posted above, and now I understand your issue.
I can forward the RSS article, but only the URL is contained in the message. Other RSS feeds (from other web sites) include the whole HTML content.
This bug is similar to bug 714570.
(In reply to Hashem Masoud from comment #9)


You gave me to understand. Thank you. 

I read bug 714570.

I thought so too. Are similar to, bug 714570 problem that I have to report.

But, I want it again.

Because Thunderbird is can move to Gmail, Thunderbird receive RSS feed.

Since this does not solve the problem, I can not be replaced by a Thunderbird.

It was just that, can not I use Thunderbird, is sad.

If you can not fix the problem, RSS feed, you should not be distributed to the Mail account to the other.

I do not have the ability to Fix the problem. Everyone. Please fix if.

I hope to be Fix.

English is poor. Everyone, I'm sorry.

Thank you.
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Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 714570
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