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7 years ago
Drive developer and press buzz around the Tilt feature by adding an “easter egg” to a Mozilla.org/Firefox/Technology page that can be linked to from the Mozilla blog on launch day.  

“Tilt”, also known as the Page Inspector 3D View, is a new WebGL-based website visualization tool that illustrates the relationship between various parts of a websites and their ancestors in 3D coming to Firefox 11 (march 13).  The Tilt 3D view is integrated with the Page Inspector tool and is particularly useful for developers when searching through problems in the HTML structure.  

You can access the 3D View of any web page through the Web Developer Menu by selecting Inspect and “3D” view.  You can then scroll over all the elements and get more information about each piece when clicking.

Proposed Experience:

1) Readers head to the Mozilla Blog and read about the “Tilt” feature.
2) There’s a line of copy that says something to the effect of, “See this feature in action by heading over to the _Firefox Technology page_ and turning on your 3D view in Dev tools.”
3) User turns on 3D View by going to the Web Developer Menu > Inspect > 3D View.
4) User sees the /Technology page in 3D and sees Firefox logo in the middle of the page.
5) On hovering over the Logo, you see a message that says, “dedicated to building the tools for the Web of the future”.

1) Copy for hover over the logo in the page. Some thing along the lines of “dedicated to building the tools for the Web of the future”. but want to make sure that's copywriter approved.

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7 years ago
That looks good to me. Thanks!

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7 years ago
Easter Egg no longer in the plans. closing.
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