Can't see cursor with full screen video dual monitors




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Steps to reproduce:

1. Full screen viewed a video in one monitor.
2. Went to use a different window in the other monitor.
3. Mouse disappeared. Could still interact with window, just couldn't see mouse.

Actual results:

I have a dual monitor setup, and when I full screen a video in one window, I can't see my cursor in the non-fullscreen window. I am able to interact with the pages, but I have to guess where it is by the mouse over effects on the page.

Expected results:

I should be able to use FF normally with or without full screen video.
I confirmed this.  I am seeing the same thing.  setting to new.
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This happens still on 19.0.2 release, on mac os x 10.7.5
Thanks Naoki. I'm not sure where this should go but Core::Video seems like a good place to start. Does this issue go back any further than Firefox 9?
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Product: Firefox → Core

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6 years ago
Is this when using HTML 5 video full screen, or flash video full screen?

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6 years ago
Naoki, if you can confirm whether it occurs in HTML video, flash video or both that would help narrow down where the bug belongs.
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1. go to
2. select a video
3. set it to full screen in the second window
4. tab (tab + ~) out to a different window and try to use mouse

Expected: mouse pointer appears 
Actual: mouse pointer is visible

Note : 
1. note the controls for the video have to hide away for the mouse pointer to disappear
2. HTML 5; full screen mode causes the video to be in teh primary screen for both html5, and flash... it's not quite the full screen mode code path.  It's the toggle on the video... not 100 % sure how it's done.  I think if flash ended up doing the same then you will see the same result on flash?
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Component: Audio/Video → Audio/Video: Playback

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3 months ago
Mass closing do to inactivity.
Feel free to re-open if still needed.
Last Resolved: 3 months ago
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