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Back browser button doesn't load up my javascript


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Build ID: 20111220165912

Steps to reproduce:

From my site i press on a link that redirects the user to another site, but then if he presses the back browser button to return to my site, the JavaScript doesn't load up, and the therefore the onReady doesn't fire up.

In the firebug the following message displays (only when returning from the back browser button):

"No Javascript on this page
If <script> tags have a "type" attribute, it should equal "text/javascript" or "application/javascript". Also scripts must be parsable (syntactically correct)." 

In any other browsers all works OK.
Product: Core → Firefox
Can you provide a link to the page that reproduces this error?
reproducing error:

1. Go to http://www.jobsinme.local/jobsinme/jobsinme.html
2. Click on Orange "Search jobs" button.
3. On the right panel that opened up (headline - "What is job matching"), click on "Find jobs" link. (will redirect you to different page).
4. Click on the back browser button.
noticed that watermarks doesn't load up again since onReady doesn't fire up.

I am not able to reach www.jobsinme.local. Are you positive that that's the correct address?
I'm sorry, url fixed now:

Thank you.
>noticed that watermarks doesn't load up again since onReady doesn't fire up.

Which watermarks are you referring to? I didn't notice any difference when going back in today's Firefox nightly.
the search inputs with this id's:
Severity: normal → S3
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