remove group icons for calendar-drivers and bugzilla-reviewers groups



6 years ago
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6 years ago
currently members of the bugzilla-reviewers and calendar-drivers groups have a group icon, which are displayed next their names.

i think we should remove icons from both groups.

bugzilla group membership shouldn't automatically equate to higher visibility on bmo.

i can almost see the case for bmo administrators to have some sort of identifier .. almost .. i don't think there's a real need for this.

however i see no reason for members of the calendar-drivers group get an icon (and no other drivers), nor why members of bugzilla-reviewers should get an icon.

if we're going to do group icons, we should do it for all groups, not just two.

if we're not going to do group icons, we should not do them at all.
Well this bunks my comments in bug 726033 then :) I am fine with removing them completely and that way we don't play favorites. I was just analyzing what if we expanded it further the other direction. If we go the path of removal then feel free to close that bug.

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6 years ago
the group icons have been removed.
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When group icons were first implemented, we discussed having them on b.m.o. and decided it was a community minefield. This feature works fine when you want to e.g. distinguish the employees of a company with the company logo, but not in a project where that's precisely the sort of distinction we don't want to emphasize.

A few did get implemented, but most didn't. I am happy to see them go.


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6 years ago
I'm a bit surprised to see that there has been no discussion about this removal, and that the decision has been taken unilaterally, you being the module owner of b.m.o or not.
The same goes for me. I was just about to file a bug why they got removed. I object to this reasoning. The other groups can decide to have icons as they wish, and for calendar we have decided we would like an icon.

Why should we lose the icon, just because others have not decided to add one?
Resolution: FIXED → ---

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6 years ago
it would be detrimental to elevate one group over another in the eyes of the community.

i acknowledge your disappointment in losing your icon (i lost my bugzilla-reviewers icon too), however we won't be reinstating group icons.
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