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[Marketplace Submission] Details


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As part of the new Marketplace flow, these are the following fields needed for the details step:

1) Name (required)
2) Slug (required) - auto-slugified onchange from name
3) Summary (optional)
4) Categories (required) - one or two
5) Description (optional)
6) Privacy Policy (optional) - show 
7) Device Types (required) - bug 718861
8) Videos (optional) - bug 719266
Blocks: 726763
Depends on: 718861, 719266
     - all the fields are in place here except "Privacy Policy" (this is a simple addition, since we have this code for add-ons already) and "Video" (implementation hasn't started yet)

  - skip video for now

     - this is what the current "Media" step looks like: - currently the icon can be extracted from the manifest, but we are then having the user replace that image with a default/custom one. (this is different from what is shown on - Details.png) so if an icon was extracted from the manifest, we need to show that on this page.
Target Milestone: 6.4.2 → 6.4.3
Also, missing from the mocks but indicated in bug 718861:

- Homepage URL
- Support Email
- Support URL
What is "Yes but I'll do my own payments system meant to do" the other two options just skip over the Payments step from what I gather.
It also skips.  I think we were just storing that as a flag in the db so we could notify end users that the add-on uses money.
Kumar added icons:

And I added homepage URL, support URL, and support email fields:

So all that's left here (save a few cvannitpicks) is icon uploader/picker - which kumar/potch are working on :)
Kumar and Potch added custom icon uploading:

I added character counting, tweaked the fields, tips, etc.:
Well that was fun, gang! Thanks, all!
Closed: 10 years ago
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Product: → Graveyard
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