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Haptic feedback clobbers vibrations started via the vibrator API


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Firefox 13


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I use this test case:

<button onclick="navigator.mozVibrate(2000)">Doesn't work</button>
<button onclick="navigator.mozVibrate(2000); alert(42)">Work</button>

Fennec nightly (2012-02-15), HTC Desire HD + ICS.
(works with Galaxy Nexus + ICS)
What the heck is going on here?
Assignee: nobody → justin.lebar+bug
On my ICS device, vibrate(2000) causes a very brief vibration.
I think this is an ICS-only problem; the vibrator works fine on my SGSII running 2.3.
There's no cancelVibrate() call being sent, so I wonder why our vibration is being cancelled.
(In reply to Paul Rouget [:paul] from comment #1)
> (works with Galaxy Nexus + ICS)

Do you mean, it works as expected, or that you're able to reproduce the problem?

Can we talk specific versions of Android?  I can reproduce on my Nexus S running 4.0.3, kernel 3.0.8-gb55e9ac android-build@apa28 #1.
Aha.  I think it's the haptic feedback.  When you click a button, someone is doing a small vibration to let you know that you've clicked it.  That's overwriting the vibration.
Summary: Vibration API: mozVibrate only works if followed by an alert() → Haptic feedback clobbers vibrations started via the vibrator API
Assignee: justin.lebar+bug → nobody
Product: Core → Fennec Native
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Jonas, remember when we worried about pages nuking each others' navigator.vibrate() calls?  I never suspected Firefox would be the first offender!
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Patch v1

Passing to Brad. Looks OK to me but he is better for reviewing this.
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