Add release assertions to investigate cycle collector crashes

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7 years ago
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7 years ago
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7 years ago
This adds a bunch of MOZ_NO_INLINE in the hope that this will produce more useful stack traces.  It also adds null checks every time a pointer is added to or removed from the nsDeque and a few other places, in an attempt to figure out where these nulls come from.


7 years ago
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adds some null checks and MOZ_NO_INLINEs

I wonder if non-inlining will actually slow down CC

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7 years ago
I tried it a little bit locally, and it didn't seem to matter that much.  I was still getting 8ms CCs with a couple of tabs open.
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7 years ago
Here goes nothing.
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7 years ago
MarkRoots and GraphWalker crashes seem to have gone away in crash reports, suggesting that this did something, but I don't see where they are showing up.  Maybe the way I'm crashing things is making them end up in one of the corrupt dump buckets.

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7 years ago
Ahh, here's a signature.

Two crashes, both on this line:

nsresult rv = aPtrInfo->mParticipant->Traverse(aPtrInfo->mPointer, *this);

One is a null deref, one is a read of some random invalid value.  Could be the aPtrInfo or the mParticipant.  This traverse call is virtual, so I think it can't be inlined.  The aPtrInfo should be null checked, so maybe it is the participant?
Crash Signature: [@ GCGraphBuilder::Traverse(PtrInfo*) ]

Comment 8

7 years ago
I see some crashes with the signature GraphWalker<ScanBlackVisitor>::DoWalk after my patch landed.

Here's one:

The crashes are all on this line (maybe 6 or so of them):
...inside the loop that iterates over the edges.  So I guess child is bogus.

There's also one crash with the regular walker at the same point ( GraphWalker<scanVisitor>::DoWalk(nsDeque&) ).

Comment 9

7 years ago
I see 4 null deref crashes in
  aPtrInfo->mParticipant->Traverse(aPtrInfo->mPointer, *this);

I wonder how mParticipant can end up being null.  It is only set in the constructor.  It might be worth null checking there to see what is happening.  It looks like there are a few places where nulls could be getting in somehow.  There's also a default constructor, which I guess could be getting invoked somehow.
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