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I mentioned this to Alex, and he asked me to file a bug about this.

While testing some different scenarios on Windows 7, I noticed that the Zone alarm Internet Security Suite product will detect when Firefox becomes unstable and force a browser restart. I was testing the most recent version downloaded from their web site.

The downside of this from a crash perspective is that we don't get a crash report when this happens. The upside for the user is that they don't crash.

Not sure if there is anything we would do about this, but filing just in case.
Including Benjamin and Ted to see if there's anything we can do on our side to prevent Zone Alarm from eating our crashes. I'm concerned that if there's a Zone Alarm specific crash, we may never even hear about it.

If not, we should probably perform outreach and explain to them the negative situation they're putting their users in for short-term benefit.
If they can detect when Firefox is about to crash, maybe they can still send the crash report? I'm also curious as to why they think an immediate restart is better for user experience.
I don't see how a restart is any better than a crash. Either way you have to restart the browser. This just seems like hostile behavior from a third-party app to me.
I wanted to mention that I saw this mostly when I was trying to reproduce the toolbar crash bug - Bug 724129. Sometimes Firefox would crash, but sometimes Zone Alarm would throw up their dialog and restart the browser. In this testing scenario our crash reporter came up more than the Zone Alarm dialog came up.
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