Soup should warn user that flash is required if the app requires it

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7 years ago
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The Jump Smokers app requires flash, and wants to play audio as well. 

Will impact the demo otherwise. 

May need to install flash on every device.

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7 years ago
We should probably look at this from eng side as well.

1. Install Soup
2. Switch market to store.html
3. Install Jump Smokers app


If flash isn't installed, the user should be warned that the app requires flash and request them to install flash for Android.


No warning is provided to the user. Upon installing the app, certain portions of the app do not function without flash existing on the Android device. For example, going to music --> pick a song, and the song will not play.
Summary: Jump Smokers and flash requirement → Soup should warn user that flash is required if the app requires it
OS: Mac OS X → Android
Hardware: x86 → ARM
Might be good to have UX take a look at this for the best way to handle this.
Assignee: nobody → bdils.mozilla
Not a blocker for MWC, as so long as Flash is installed on each device, we can still make this app work for playing music.
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Flash is now enabled in Soup (still depends on existing flash installation).
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