Thunderbird does not initiate a dial up connection



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Steps to reproduce:

I opened Thunderbird

Actual results:

No dial up prompt was displayed

Expected results:

Since windows is set to dial upon network request, and Firefox on the same system works in this fashion, thunderbird should also bring up the prompt. Thunderbird is set to check for mail upon startup, but tells me it cannot and offers to work offline. If I open Firefox, the system dials as expected.
Since when is this happening ?
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Comment 2

7 years ago
We don't recall.
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> We don't recall.


Is your system up to date with regards to drivers and os ?
Parkhideh, this is a duplicate, no?
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Comment 5

6 years ago
(In reply to Wayne Mery (:wsmwk) from comment #4)
> Parkhideh, this is a duplicate, no?

Wayne, you are opening the Pandora's box  :)

A similar problem was reported in "Bug 546016 - Wait for dialup connection to be ready on startup";
however, because it also was an operator error, we looked the other way when the bug was closed.

It is best if I re-describe the issue in the next comment.

Comment 6

6 years ago
Thunderbird version 7.0.1 (but problem existed from version 3.x.x; see Bug 546016).
OS Windows.

Status of this report should be changed to confirmed.  And this is how I tested it.

1) Went online manually.
2) Started Thunderbird.
3) All worked.  Thunderbird is set to check for e-mails every minute.
4) Physically disconnected the connection (not via software or from PC port).
5) After less than two minutes Thunderbird's icon changed to "offline".

   Comment: I like this because it is safe and valid.  However, some may prefer that the dialer should show up; or worse, it should automatically dial and make a connection.

6) Closed Thunderbird.
7) Started Thunderbird and answered the dialogue boxes to go online.  See Bug 546016, comment #3.
8) Thunderbird's icon showed online; dialer DID NOT APPEAR, confirming what is reported.
9) Waited for several minutes and the icon DID NOT GO OFFLINE.

   Comment: If dial up prompt did not show up, but the icon went offline as in cases 4 and 5, then I would have accepted it with a deficiency.  But as is, it is not acceptable because icon indicates online, and I the user, thinks that I have no e-mails.

10) As reported starting the Firefox will start the dialer prompt.


4 years ago
Keywords: reproducible
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