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Print Task by User defined time frame doesn't work


(Calendar :: Printing, defect)

Lightning 1.9.1
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Steps to reproduce:

Menu: File->Print
Layout: List
User defined time frame: for example 12.3.12-13.3.12
Than: print

Actual results:

It prints all tasks (preview: show all tasks)

Expected results:

Print only the tasks in the time frame (preview show only tasks in time frame)
Severity: normal → major
Component: General → Lightning Only
OS: All → Windows XP
Hardware: All → x86
QA Contact: general → lightning
Seems ok for me. Tasks that have a start and due date outside the specified range are not printed. Tasks that don't have this information can't be excluded of course.
I check the problem: 

Start date is empty & Due date for example 12.3.12 than a task will be shown every time no filter works. If I set a start date it works. But i work only with due dates ---> i can't "filtered" print the task :(
We should be able to make the print dialog hook into calFilter to allow more customized print options.
Assignee: nobody → matthew.mecca
Ever confirmed: true
Depends on: 745081
Component: Lightning Only → Printing
Hi, the bug is not fixed in Firefox 17.0.8 - Ligh 1.9.1 the problem is:

all my tasks have only a final date and no start date. It is not possible to print tasks which must be finished on a special date. I think the problem is, that you include all no set start date task in the selected time frame. The following implementation will be correct.

for one Task to print must be checked:

is set a start date? ->
YES: is the date in the selected time frame? YES: -> put it in the basket (to print)
NO: do nothing

is set a final date? ->
YES: is the date in the selected time frame? YES: -> is the item not in the basket? -> NO: put it in the basket (to print)
NO: do nothing


Do you know what i mean?

It will be great if you can correct that or explain, what I understand wrong (that functionality) and we find a other/better solution.

Version: Lightning 1.2 → Lightning 1.9.1
in Lightning 2.6 and Thunderbird 24 exist the problem only in the List layout in the month and week layout the problem seems be fixed
Assignee: matthew.mecca → nobody

Still reproducible?

Severity: major → normal
Flags: needinfo?(acdp)
OS: Windows XP → All
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yes, see new attachment

am on latest release - 71.0b1 (64-bit)

So do not believe any input from me will be use!

Flags: needinfo?(acdp)
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