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Move comm-central's iteratorUtils.jsm module to the toolkit


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comm-central has a quite useful JS module to deal with arrays and enumerators. I would like to use it for instant messaging code shared between Thunderbird (bug 714733) and Instantbird, but as this module is in comm-central instead of mozilla-central, I would have to fork it in Instantbird's code repository in order to do this, which would be quite sad.
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I forgot to also move the tests in the previous patch...
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A few comments that could do with being discussed before starting reviews:

I'm trying to justify the existence of toArray to myself. Why would you ever use it instead of just directly using [a for (a of foo)]? I'd expect the caller to know what it is dealing with and save us the hassle of flakey duck-typing.

fixIterator should be called toJSIterator (as we may well want a toXPCOMIterator at some point).

Otherwise this stuff looks sensible, I think we'd want to put it in an IteratorUtils object to match the normal jsms we have in tree (and name the file the same).
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Same with tests

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I'd like to figure out particularly the first part of my last comment before reviewing this.
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nsISupportsArray/nsIEnumerator are dead. nsISimpleEnumerator now has js iterator support (bug 1484496) - from what I can tell it is also available to nsIArray.

So I think that makes this obsolete now. Florian, what do you think?

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(In reply to Mark Banner (:standard8) from comment #4)

So I think that makes this obsolete now. Florian, what do you think?


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