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In Chrome's beta channel release, there are scripts and stylesheets that are blocked. The offending URLs are

Expected results:

Those resources should be fetched over HTTPS.
Indeed, over to IT. Not sure why we're including external stylesheets in the first place. We should host those locally.
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This is caused by the recent addition of the Mediawiki-Bugzilla extension. Assigning to the maintainer of this extension...

Brandon, can you make these protocol-relative, and/or locally included in your git repo? Let me know when one or the other is done (and what the repo is again, so I can re-clone) and I can push out the fix.

I have a mild preference to locally-hosting these files as well, simply to remove a dependency on a 3rd-party service. For what its worth, Semantic MediaWiki and Semantic Forms both locally-host some jquery files as well, so there's some precedence within wikimo for doing it this way.
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Duplicate of this bug: 729637
For the record, this is a much bigger problem on non Firefox browsers. On Firefox, people turn off the warning and never see it. On chrome, you get the message on every page.

A quick fix would be just to make those two links relative. Google provides https versions of the files.
This is really annoying and is a quite easy fix. Is there a reason it's not being fixed?
Because it was assigned to me while I was asleep last night and I've been in meetings all day. Patches encouraged: I'll be on vacation until Wednesday.
Sleep is for the weak! :)

I'll take a look.
I have a fix ready. Just need to ensure that my copy of the repo is in sync with the above and issue the pull request. My fix bundles the jquery and jquery ui packages in the mediawiki-buzilla package so that everything is local. Here's my copy:
My copy was woefully out of date. Now that it's back in sync I have issued a pull request for Brandon to review and grab the changes.
This has been merged to master.
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This patch is no good... It results in the page requesting things like this:$wgScriptPath/extensions/Bugzilla/web/jqueryui/1.8.14/jquery-ui.min.js

$wgScriptPath is being passed directly, not interpreted.


Bugzilla.php:    $out->addScript('<script type="text/javascript" src="$wgScriptPath/extensions/Bugzilla/web/jqueryui/1.8.14/jquery-ui.min.js"></script>');

vs. this line found elsewhere in the same file:

Bugzilla.php:    $out->addScriptFile("$wgScriptPath/extensions/Bugzilla/web/js/jquery.dataTables.js" );

The latter works properly... the former results in a literal copy of the string into the HTML.
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Interesting that this worked on my test system. I have made the changes as you suggested above. Testing shows that all is functional. I have initiated a pull request to the mozilla repo.
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I'm not sure what netops can do to help here...  Assigning back to original owner unless there's an action item for us.
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If the pull request mentioned in has been merged into master, I can work with :jakem to push this to stage and make sure it's working. 

Let us know, feel free to ping me on irc too
Yup. The request has been merged into master along with fixes for two other bugs. See bug 733389 for a deployment request for the three fixes.
The fix is pushed live... this seems resolved.
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