reproducible app hangs in safe mode in beta in basic OS interaction (print, open)




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7 years ago
This behavior has bitten me several time to the point that I won't run 11 or newer for my personal work anymore. I believe the existing bug reports aren't alarmist enough (based on lack of activity on 2 of them), so this blocker bug.

Two real world use cases that trigger this behavior:
 a) Want to show s.o. a web page I'm working on; After I get the open file dialog, I get interrupted to stir the spaghetti, then eat dinner. Return to find FF hung requiring force quit (and loss of any unsaved work I may have had anywhere).

 b) start paying bills, and want to save an interim page as a PDF for reference. Bring up Print dialog -> save as pdf -> navigate folders to home server -> start typing name & BAM- FF hang requiring force quite in the middle of my banking transaction!!!!!!! (Obviously, I find this unacceptable)

The underlying faulty behavior can be observed in a freshly started "safe mode" instance of the FF11:
 - Print hang: choose "Print..." from the "File" menu on the initial page, and leave the system dialog on the screen for a while. The unresponsive script dialog will come up after a bit. Prior filed as bug 718542 (and almost lost by duplication to bug 476541 <- opened 3 years ago)

 - File open hang: choose "Open File..." from the "File" menu, and leave the system dialog up for a bit. (You may find that you need to move the system dialog box on the screen to get the unresponsive script dialog.) Prior filing as bug 729328 (but before I realized it could be done without extensions).

One ray of good news - there are two user paths to the system file open dialog - I can only get the one above to fail, so maybe the other one's implementation can be instructive. The second path is: hide the navigation toolbar; then choose "Open Location..." from the "File" menu. That pops up a scriptlet entry box which has a  "Choose File..." button. Clicking that button leads to the same system get file dialog, but I could not get that path to hang.

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7 years ago
We'll track this in bug 718542 and bug 729328.
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
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7 years ago
(in the future, please nominate concerning bugs for tracking by setting tracking-firefox11 to ?)
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