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While playing CSS3 animation bunch of CPU used by memcpy


(Core :: CSS Parsing and Computation, defect)

Not set





(Reporter: romaxa, Assigned: dbaron)




(Keywords: perf)


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Not sure hom much valid this bug, but I guess it would be nice to avoid memcpy from profile... not?

50        5.2466             b2g   memcpy
39        4.0923                b2g   gfx3DMatrix::Transform3D(gfxPoint3D const&) const
15        1.5740             b2g   __dubsin
13        1.3641                b2g   gfx3DMatrix::operator*(gfx3DMatrix const&) const
12        1.2592                b2g  pixman_composite_src_n_8888_asm_neon
11        1.1542  pvrsrvkm                 b2g  /pvrsrvkm
10        1.0493             b2g   memset
10        1.0493             b2g  sinl
10        1.0493                b2g SearchTable(PLDHashTable*, void const*, unsigned int, PLDHashOperator)
9         0.9444             b2g  cosl
8         0.8395              b2g PR_GetCurrentThread
7         0.7345                b2g gfx3DMatrix::Transform(gfxPoint const&) const
7         0.7345                b2g gfx3DMatrix::TransformBounds(gfxRect const&) const
7         0.7345                b2g gfx3DMatrix::Translate(gfxPoint3D const&)
7         0.7345                b2g mozilla::layers::SortLayersBy3DZOrder(nsTArray<mozilla::layers::Layer*, nsTArrayDefaultAllocator>&)
7         0.7345                b2g nsRect::ScaleToOutsidePixels(float, float, int) const
7         0.7345  vmlinux                  b2g  __schedule
6         0.6296                b2g PL_DHashTableOperate
6         0.6296                b2g nsDisplayTransform::GetResultingTransformMatrix(nsIFrame const*, nsPoint const&, float, nsRect const*, nsIFrame**)

#0  memcpy () at ../ports/sysdeps/arm/memcpy.S:67
#1  0x40b739ee in nsStyleCoord (aUnit=<optimized out>, aValue=<optimized out>, this=0xbed8af30) at layout/style/nsStyleCoord.h:278
#2  nsStyleSides::Get (this=<optimized out>, aSide=<optimized out>) at layout/style/nsStyleCoord.h:384
#3  0x40b900f0 in nsStyleBorder::GetImageOutset (this=0x4b4865b0) at layout/style/nsStyleStruct.cpp:514
#4  0x40b2e12a in ComputeOutlineAndEffectsRect (aFrame=0x4b486ca0, aAnyOutlineOrEffects=0xbed8b0c7, aOverflowRect=<optimized out>, aNewSize=..., aStoreRectProperties=true)
    at layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:4835
#5  0x40b2ea1c in nsIFrame::FinishAndStoreOverflow (this=0x4b486ca0, aOverflowAreas=..., aNewSize=...) at layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:6736
#6  0x40b2ee3e in RecomputePreserve3DChildrenOverflow (aFrame=0x4b4858a8, aBounds=0xbed8b394) at layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:6896
#7  0x40b2e650 in nsIFrame::ComputePreserve3DChildrenOverflow (this=0x4b4858a8, aOverflowAreas=..., aBounds=...) at layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:6932
#8  0x40b2eb18 in nsIFrame::FinishAndStoreOverflow (this=0x4b4858a8, aOverflowAreas=..., aNewSize=...) at layout/generic/nsFrame.cpp:6771
#9  0x40ae4246 in nsCSSFrameConstructor::ProcessRestyledFrames (this=0x49dfee00, aChangeList=...) at layout/base/nsCSSFrameConstructor.cpp:7890
#10 0x40ae4496 in nsCSSFrameConstructor::RestyleElement (this=0x49dfee00, aElement=<optimized out>, aPrimaryFrame=0x4b4858a8, aMinHint=0, aRestyleTracker=..., aRestyleDescendants=false)
    at layout/base/nsCSSFrameConstructor.cpp:7980
#11 0x40ada9b0 in mozilla::css::RestyleTracker::ProcessOneRestyle (this=0x49dfef40, aElement=0x4d093100, aRestyleHint=<optimized out>, aChangeHint=0)
    at layout/base/RestyleTracker.cpp:157
#12 0x40adadde in mozilla::css::RestyleTracker::DoProcessRestyles (this=0x49dfef40) at layout/base/RestyleTracker.cpp:242
#13 0x40ae4420 in ProcessRestyles (this=0x49dfef40) at layout/base/RestyleTracker.h:101
#14 nsCSSFrameConstructor::ProcessPendingRestyles (this=0x49dfee00) at layout/base/nsCSSFrameConstructor.cpp:11558
C++2011 seems to allow assignment of unions, though C++1998 didn't (as far as I can tell).  I wonder if we use it elsewhere in our tree.
Try seems happy with this (so far, not quite done):
so I think it's portable now.
Assignee: nobody → dbaron
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It said "FIXME", so I did, while I was nearby.
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patch 1: use assignment and copy construction of unions

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patch 2: make nsStyleCoord members private

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Great, it helps!

Attached file More memcpy's
I see couple of other places involved into CSS3 rendering..
not sure that all can be optimized, but OverflowClip at least could be.
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simple "for", with optimization enrolled into 8 k1[i]=k2[i]

Ok, after removing Invalidation problems for css3, I don't see much memcpy anymore... so it is probably not super important issue for now.
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