javascript cannot access from within IFRAME to parent document javascript after IFRAME refresh




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Steps to reproduce:

I am programming a LMS system that user SCORM objects. Using JQuery I load the SCORM HTML into the <DIV> and display it. The SCORM objects are loaded in the iframe [iframeA] within a <DIV>. 
The content of iframeA is HTML page with other iframeB. 
There are javascripts in iframeB, that looks up standard SCORM javascript functions located in iframeA. (this is common implementation of SCORM standards) 
Funtions in iframeA are used to initiallize SCORM package and display it to user, sends result back to server etc.

Actual results:

When I close the <DIV> and reopen it and resfresh the iframeA (or load different SCORM html) the javascript functions in iframeB cannot communicate with javascript functions in iframeA. Although it works perfect for the first time. 

Expected results:

it should always work fine does not matter if I refresh iframeA or load different SCORM content. it works in other browsers (tested in IE, Chrome, Opera)
I noticed this issue long time ago in other FF versions too.

Comment 1

7 years ago
Please provide a public URL or reduced test case that exhibits this issue.

Comment 2

5 years ago
mod, could you provide a testcase, please?
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Considering the fact that the reporter did not provided more information on Aleksej and Tim requests, I will mark this issue as resolved - incomplete. 
If you can still reproduce this, feel free to reopen this bug and provide the requested information.

Last Resolved: 3 years ago
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Comment 4

3 years ago
This happened to me. I got a "Unable to access attribute hide" error on the console, where "hide" is a Javascript function in the parent page. I'm not sure of the exact error message, as it now works. Reloading Firefox fixed the problem.
Hi Moses,

Could you please provide a reduced test case, where this issue is reproducible ( Also, can you please test this on the latest Nightly ( and tell me if this still reproduces for you ? When doing this please use a new fresh Firefox profile, maybe also in safe mode (

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Flags: needinfo?(moses)
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