thunderbird -compose "to=" Opens thunderbird with "" filled into the TO: field, BUT only if thunderbird is already running. If thunderbird not running,it opens the create a new account dialog windows.



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Steps to reproduce:

call thunderbird from the commandline

thunderbird -compose "to="

Actual results:

If thunderbird is not already running it  starts  a new account dialog!

Expected results:

Thunderbird should have started the same way as when  thunderbird  is  running, with the write window and the TO: field filled  with the address specified in
 -compose "to="

Comment 1

6 years ago
Interesting, the space after the "=" shouldn't be there but it works anyway. I'm unable to reproduce this on Windows 7 with TB 10.0.2 using exactly your command options, the composition window opens whether or not Thunderbird is running.

Is there anything else specific to your installation, e.g., any add-ons installed which may interfere with the usual behavior?

Are you calling Thunderbird from a cmd.exe window or from some script?
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